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J.J. & L. Rocks and Minerals provides several quality lines of equipment, support, supplies and accessories for the rockhound – pro or hobbyist.  We carry ROCK TUMBLERS – both rotary and vibrating, ABRASIVE GRITS and POLISHING COMPOUNDS, DIAMOND TRIM AND SLAB SAWS, BAND SAWS (Ring, Graphon, Blade), CABOCHON AND POLISHING MACHINES, ACCESSORIES such as polishing laps, diamond discs, compounds, diamond saw blades, and various tools to fit the rockhounds’ needs.  We also have many finished cabochons and mountings for your pleasure. 

We have many different types of rough rock in various sizes for slab sawing or tumbling, and slabs cut ¼” to 5/16” thick or to custom specifications.

J.J. & L. has been in business over 36years, doing gem and mineral shows in the Midwest area and serving thousands of customers – PRO and HOBBYIST.

Suppliers of machinery, tools, and supplies from Diamond Pacific Tolls Corp., Lotto Tumblers (and others), Johnson Bros., MK Diamond,  Ameritool Corp., Grobet USA,  Eurotool, Inland Craft Products,  and others.


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J.J. & L. Rocks and Minerals was started 36 years ago by Jim, John, and Larry, three friends in the rock hobby who each had a specialty.  One was into minerals and faceted stones, one into select cutting rough and supplies for the hobby, and one into findings and jewelry.  The three men combined their specialties and created a gem and mineral business, taking it on the show circuit in the Midwest area.  After a slow start of doing one show in Nebraska the first year and three shows the second year, the business was off and running.  The shop has been doing 16 to 23 shows each year ever since, with occasional weekends having two shows in different towns.  The shop has traveled to Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.  The local shop is open by appointment only, please contact us by e-mail  jimandjohn@jjlrocksandminerals.com for an appointment time.



Larry left the partnership after about 10 years, but remained friends with John and Jim until his untimely death.  John passed in 2013.  Eric is John's youngest son who has grown up under the tables at the show is now interested in continuing the rock shop along with Jim. 


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