ROUGH MATERIAL     (Priced per pound)

Please use "Contact us" Page to order materials on this page.   We will need to know what size of SAW you are using so the correct size can be located for you.

If you need tumbling materials please let us know.   Some of the following list is available in small sizes.

Theses are general prices some pieces will be more.


Arizona Wood                                          6.00

Arroyo Jasper                                          6.00

Blue Forest Wood (Wyo)                      10.00

Blue Lace Agate                                     16.00

Botswana                                               12.00

Coprolite                                                  12.00

Crazy Lace Agate                                   10.00

         Dinosaur Bone                                       25.00 & up

Idaho Plume Agate                                 8.00

India Blackskin Agate                             6.00

India Green Moss                                    6.00

India Green Tree Agate                          6.00

Kiowa Wood (Colo.)                                4.00

Lace Onyx                                                3.00

         Lake Superior Agate                              12.00 & up

Leopard Skin                                            6.00

Montana Agate                                         6.00

Montana Wood                                         4.00

Mozarkite                                                    4.00

Mexican Coconuts (Hollow)                 20.00

Nebraska Blue Agate                              8.00

Nebraska Horn Coral                               4.00

Norwegian Moonstone                            6.00

Obsidian - Mahogany                               4.00

Obsidian - Silver Sheen                           4.00

Obsidian - Snowflake                                4.00

  Picture Jasper                                          4.00

  Plain Label Geodes                                  4.00

  Red Texas Moss Agate                           10.00

  Small Dryhead Agate                               15.50

  Small Solid Coconuts                               10.00

  Sweetwater Agate - small                        8.00

  Texas Fossil Agate                                   6.00

  Tiger Eye                                                  16.00

  Turitella Agate                                           6.00

  Wild Horse Jasper                                     6.00

    Wyoming Jade                                   10.00 & up

  Wyo. Wind Polished Wood                       8.50

                              Wyo. Blue Forest Wood Limbs         10.00   up to 8 diameter

  Wyo. Blue Forest Wood chunks             5.00

           Youngite                                                  30.00 & up





Victoria Stone Rough Whole or near Whole Boules

Many colors available

We also have small slabs.

Please contact us with your color choice and we will see if it is available and what weight the boules might be.


                                                                           This is a scanned copy of an original sales color chart.



NOTE: ALL ORDERS WILL HAVE SHIPPING ADDED AFTER ORDER IS RECEIVED SO THE CORRECT SHIPPING COST CAN BE ADDED unless it is specified in description of the item that shipping is included.

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